Beloved TV-Actor Suffers Terrible Heart Attack, Keep Him In Your Prayers

Colin Quin considers himself lucky to be alive.

The Saturday Night Live TV and comedian, 58, broke the news that on Feb. 14, he suffered from a heart attack that almost took his life.

“My heart broke on Valentines Day. Literally,” he wrote on Twitter. “I am currently doing well although if I dropped dead you would see a funeral like al Capone!”

“I guess this heart attack has really made me reflect,” he added. “You know, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, or u really think about it.”

He thanked everyone for their kindness and support.

“Thanks for all the kind words and support,” he tweeted. “Starting a list of those who didn’t ‘check in’ yet. Guarantee they’ll regret the day they didn’t wish me well on the road to recovery.”

“A heart attack is a serious thing. When it happens to a celeb let’s double the importance,” he joked. “I understand some people wish me dead, it’s human. I feel that way about plenty of people myself. But there’s ways of doing things. ‘Keep up appearances’ as they say.”

He was forced to cancel a show. But he left the audience in stitches from his own hospital bed. “My heart goes out to all the people who bought tickets to my show. Literally. My heart went out,” he said in a statement.  “I know you people are still mad that I postponed the show even though I had a heart attack. I felt the same way when I bought Lou Reed tickets last year. I will reschedule once you tell me which weekends are best for you.”

I love his humorous attitude. Sometimes, life doesn’t present the best circumstances. But with the right vantage–tilt your head, angle it if you can–you will find God inside the worst of things.