Marine Caught In Horrific Accident, He Needs Prayers Now

A soldier in Fort Campbell, Kentucky has experienced a horrific accident after a motorcycle crash, that caused broken bones in his spine, neck, face and both hands. He needs your prayers as he has faces a very difficult recovery. His GoFundme page reads as follows:


“A friend of mine was traveling down highway 41a in Clarksville on his way to work on his motorcycle. When a lady in a car pulled out in front of him and caused an accident resulting in a lot of injuries to his spine, neck, face, both hands and arms are broken, chest and ribs, spleen liver and much more.


“His lung has collapsed on one side but doctors managed to get it back up and working. He is a soldier at fort Campbell KY, has a wife and 5 kinds, and is also apart of the motorcycle community with IRMC. With him being in the hospital and his wife by his side.


IRON ROCKETS MC is trying to raise money to help support his family in need as money is spread thin due to the incident. I ask that you please share and help out this family in need to help for food, transportation, bills, and to help the kids through school activities. Thank you all and God bless!”


Please pray or donate here!