Beloved Pastor Finds Way To Guarantee Your Children A Spot In Heaven, Do You Believe?

Jamar Haynes Lee came out with a new book. According to his site, “The scriptures in this book are written out so that you can use it as a daily devotional. Whether you read it 2 minutes or 20 minutes a day you will receive your necessary daily bread.

88% of children who grow up in evangelical homes leave the church by the age of eighteen, never to return. Through this book and his message, Rev. Jamar Haynes Lee is helping pastors and parents turn this around. More youth are being trained to enjoy a daily relationship with Jesus instead of just a weekly religion. This message reveals why so many children have fallen away and how you can guarantee that your children and grandchildren do not do the same. This is the ideal book to recommend to a parent, grandparent, or to your congregation.”

He argues in the book that many Christians raised in the church as children have been abandoning their faith because they were not properly trained.

“The Lord told me that one major problem in the church is that we are not giving our children daily bread. Even though this is one of the most well-known passages quoted in the Bible, the majority of the body of Christ is not doing it,” Lee says. “God is requiring us to speak His Word to our children every day and give them daily bread. This means that if you are not training your children to read God’s Word daily, then you are actually training them not to read God’s Word daily!”

Do you believe him?