At 3-Weeks-Old, His Mother Thought Everything Was Fine, Then An Awful Condition Appeared

A young baby boy–only 3 weeks old–was recently admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital, after nearly dying. Read his story and pray for him!
“Liam was a healthy 3 week old baby. Friday July 7th, he was eating and suddenly choked and stopped breathing. His mom frantically burping him and trying to get him to take a breath thought the worse. She thought her baby was dying in her arms. She ran to my husband, who immediately started patting his back and everyone started yelling for me. I grabbed the baby who at this point was starting to breathe and tried to rouse him. I needed to hear his cry. We called 911 and went to FMH. We thought we would be told that we came for no reason. We would have laughed and came home. However while at FMH he had seizures. Terrifying isn’t a word to describe what was happening. What looked like a completely healthy baby had major issues.
The doctors found a heart murmur and described it as a ” big squishy one.” We were then transported to a children’s where Liam will continue his stay until we have answers.

As everyone knows no one likes to ask for help. Mary Liam’s momma was on unpaid maternity leave. No one planned for a sick baby. Funds donated will be used for the moms stay at children’s. Food,gas, and any necessary baby items that the hospital does not provide. Please share our link. I will keep everyone updated as much as I can! We thank you so much in advance for any contribution.”

Will you please pray and donate if you can?