Doctors Told Her He Would Not Be Born Alive, But Thanks To God, He Came Out Breathing

Doctors told the parents that their son was not going to be alive when he was born. They said the chances of a stillbirth were extremely high. But God had other plans. Baby Anthony was born, but now he needs prayers.


An anonymous friend posted this letter on GoFundMe asking for help: We have not asked permission from the family to do this since they simply asked for prayers! Prayers we will continue to send constantly!


Baby Anthony was not supposed to make it out but he did because he has the bravest parents that fought for him and now he is fighting! I ask you to donate what you can, as little or as much as possible! They are a young couple that just started their careers and if we can help take away the stress that whatever medical needs this warrior needs he will have!


Especially to our Gulliver family! He is one of ours and if you are blessed enough to know his mommy, you know she loves our healthy babies as if they are hers! God Bless and thank you!”


Please pray or donate here!