Mother And Daughter Viciously Beaten By A True Savage, This Is Horrible

One man is in jail, and two girls are in the hospital after a horrible scene of domestic violence. A woman, Kelsie Lemons, and her young daughter were viciously beaten by a cruel man, and they need your prayers.


“We always hear about horrible things but it never really hits us till it happens to someone we know. A horrible thing happened to my friend Kelsie Nicole /Kelsie Lemons and her daughter- they were both victims of a horrible crime and need our help. Kelsie was a victim of domestic violence and her daughter was a victim of child abuse.


Kelsie suffered from multiple broken bones in her face and has had multiple reconstructive surgeries, loss of hearing from the trauma to her head, a broken arm/hand, and knocked out/broken teeth. She still has many more surgeries to come. Her 5 year old daughter suffered from fractures in her neck.


Along with the physical injuries, both of the victims are struggling with “petechiae eye” which means they will have blood around their eyes for a couple more months due to the strangulation/abuse that occurred.


Some may know my friend Kelsie and some may not, but what you should know is that she is an amazing friend and loving mother. Her daughters name is Bella and much like her mother, she can light up a room with her smile.


What these two went through is truly devastating and now my best friend cannot work. The doctor has not released her and we’re not sure when that will be.


On top of the physical and emotional trauma, the hospital bills are going to start adding up drastically.”


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