Elderly Man Beaten By Man, He Needs Prayers Now

An older, 78-year-old gentleman was arguing with a man much his junior in Brooklyn. According to the NYpost, The 78-year-old victim was attacked when he got into an argument with a man in his 20s while in the lobby of a building near the corner of 50th St. and 8th Ave. in Sunset Park around 5 a.m. May 20th, police said.
The video, released Monday, shows the assailant punching the man several times in the head before throwing him against a wall and knocking him to the ground.
The victim suffered cuts and bruises to his face and head. Doctors also found a cracked orbital bone. He was treated at Maimonides Medical Center. The cops are searching for the young man who beat him, and are prepared to bring him down if he fights back. All of New York has suffered from an epidemic of elderly beatings.

Earlier in the year there was a rise of Jew beatings. Young men would find orthodox Jews and sucker punch them in the face and run away. The videos were extremely disturbing….

Loving Lord we thank You for the thrill of life and all the mercies that You give to each of us day by day, but Lord as we advance in years our bodies begin to lose their strength – our fingers lose their dexterity and our knees begin to tremble. And Lord the time comes all too fast, when we are not able to care for ourselves as we would like to, but have to rely on help from other people to do the basic things of life – like eating and drinking – bathing and generally caring for our homes and ourselves.

Loving Lord – we bring before You all the elderly and infirm… not only those that we know, but all who are facing this stage of their life. Draw those that have never placed their trust in You into a saving relationship with Jesus, and give those that are of the household of faith Your peace that passes understanding in their heart – as they fulfil Your purpose for their lives, in whatever condition or situation they find themselves.
Will you pray?