Boy Kicked And Beaten, No One Believes Him Until It’s Almost Too Late

Abusive parents are sickening to me. If a parent beats a child so bad that they get bruises, they should go to jail. There is a massive difference between child abuse and reprimanding a child. My mother did not hit me, but she pinched me when I did something wrong.

Footage shows the youngster crying in pain as his aunt checks his body. He also informs her that he spent a night sleeping under a car in the streets after running away from home because his father had beaten him for not closing the window.

According to XinDai Daily, the boy’s father, surnamed Liu, has now been arrested. Hoho was told he must kneel on the bed for a night but he ran away after and slept under a car on the street.
‘I am scared of being hit by my father!’ the boy told to his aunt.
Ms Lu asked Hoho what can he do as she said no one in the family can raise him.
‘I don’t know either,’ cried Hoho.

This father deserves to rot in jail. He is a sick human being and is one of the worst people I have ever heard of. Hitting a defenseless child is sickening. Right now the little boy needs your prayers and your help. Will you send both?