Addiction, Embarrassment, And The Reason Why Blake Shelton Will Always Be

Blake Shelton has always been a good man. He has been in the headlines, yet has avoided negative press. The worst press he ever received was during his divorce from Miranda, press that neither of them wanted. Well earlier this year Blake got even more positive press when he came to the side of one of his best friends.
Blake and Trace Adkins have been friends since both of them came onto the scene. The thing with Trace is that he has been dealing with addiction to alcohol from the very start. This year he was visibly drunk on stage for a fundraiser concert. He was performing for Johns Hopkins Research for children’s cancer. He was booed off stage and gave back all the money that they paid him.

Blake was asked if he would bring Trace onto the Voice at any point, and he said no. The reason being Trace is a hard ass and would not be able to coach these young artists well. He also wouldn’t be a good influence on them. In addition to Pearce, “The Long Way” singer Brett Eldredge will also be accompanying Shelton on the tour. “He’s the new dude in country music that’s taken off, and I couldn’t be happier for him,” Shelton said.

As if that wasn’t enough, Shelton is inviting one of his greatest friends on his tour. That friend also happens to be a major country music star that we’re sure y’all are familiar with…Trace Adkins.
As the oldest member of the bunch, Shelton joked that Adkins is likely going to be tasked with keeping the rest of them under control. He said:
“I brought him out to keep all of our egos in check because as soon we start having fun and getting a little rowdy out there, he’ll be the one coming in there cranky and grumpy and yelling at us all and make sure that our egos are in check.”
Will you buy tickets to this tour?