Update: Beloved Star Is Losing His Wife Slowly

Right now Chuck Norris and his wife are involved in a miserable lawsuit regarding Gena’s health. According to the sun, The couple believe the reason for Gena’s agony is an injection she had before an MRI scan four years ago.

Chuck, who has quit his film career to look after Gena, has filed a lawsuit in California alleging a chemical in the jab poisoned his wife.
That chemical is gadolinium, a metal that’s found in dyes injected into the body to give clearer MRI images.
“I felt like my whole body was on fire – as if acid had been passed through it,” she told the Daily Mail.
She found herself back in hospital six times in the weeks that followed her MRI scan, suffering horrendous rib pain, struggling to breathe, muscle weakness and joint pain.
Gena said: “By the time I reached the clinic I had lost 15lbs and was finding it hard to swallow.”
She was treated with an IV drip, containing calcium EDTA, a chemical salt that is used to treat metal poisoning.

The power of a praying mother can pull a prodigal from the point of no return!
Thirty years of marriage to wife Dianne suffered a divorce. His relationship with his two sons was strained. Out of the blue, Chuck received a cage-rattling letter from a young lady claiming to be his daughter. It was true!

Stationed in that far country, Chuck had broken his marital vows in a one-time extramarital affair. Today, Deena, her husband, and children have become a precious part of the Norris family.
The message and long pointed finger of evangelist Billy Graham influenced Chuck to rededicate his life to Christ as he attended a crusade meeting. The pleading prayers of his mother were answered.
Chuck said of his mother, “She influenced me spiritually and instilled in me a sense of responsibility that carried over in my later adult life. She always told me ‘God has plans for you,’ and I didn’t know what she meant. I think I do now.”