Rumors Begin To Fly Because Of Gifts, Divorces, And Mystery

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are a couple that sometimes I wish I could be a part of. Them together is magic, and the way they challenge each other is perfect. The two make sure the other is putting their all into life, love, and their family. Despite their happiness, rumors continue to swirl. The most recent rumor is that Keith bought Nicole a lavish gift to make up for a massive mistake.

Various publications, including “Variety” and Australian magazine “Woman’s Day,” are reporting that Keith is interested in purchasing a $39 million mansion for his dear Nicole in Manhattan. Reports say that the home has seven bedrooms, a grand oak staircase, a private outdoor deck and a large kitchen. “Variety” shared pics of the amazing piece of property, which was once owned by fellow musician Michael Jackson.

The supposed mistake was a slip up kiss with another actress. That actress shall remain unnamed, but Nicole was very close to her. Of course, the property still is on the market, so it remains to be seen if this extravagant townhome will serve as the ultimate Christmas present to Nicole this year. No matter, the sheer idea is romantic enough, as insiders say that Keith was hoping to get the property so Nicole can further pursue her Broadway dreams.

To me this couple can’t do any wrong, but that is looking in from the outside. We all know that every relationship has its problems and every relationship could end at any moment. It is the joy they find within the happy moments that makes any relationship worth it. These two seem to have something special and will hold onto it forever. Do you agree?