Natalie Maines Shocks The Internet With Cringeworthy Photo

Natalie Maines has continually surprised fans and non fans alike with her political views, on stage antics, and decisions to make statements when she shouldn’t. Her and her band were boycotted after they said they were ashamed that the president was from Texas. After that they have had continued spats with the current president, Donald Trump.

The most recent thing to happen was that Natalie Maines turned off her twitter because too many people were responding negatively. Well, she is back on instagram, and made quite splash….ew. She posted this post online:

Can a girl get any privacy around here?! #racoon Cybil.

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This was her Thanksgiving post? Wow, quite classy. She isn’t wearing underwear, she isn’t covering anything, and it’s a racoon! So gross!Of course, Natalie also shared much more of her Thanksgiving holiday with her devoted Instagram fans, showing off a bit more of a tame side to the time she got to spend with her family and friends.

What do you think?