Her Hair Became Caught In A Theme Park Ride, And It Scalped Her, Please Pray For Her Recovery

A tragedy can often ruin someone’s life. But one girl is making sure not to let that be the case with her own tragedy. A 12-year-old Nebraska girl was scalped when her bright red hair got stuck in a carnival ride last year.

She has been in and out of hospitals ever since, but she isn’t going to allow the horrifying accident hold her back nearly a year later. “My scars don’t define me. Nobody’s scars should define them,” Elizabeth Gilreath, who is referred to affectionately as Lulu by her loved ones.

Her long red hair became tangled with the machine’s gears as the ride went up, ripping her hair–and a large part of her scalp off–along with it. She woke up in a hospital bed with her mother. “I told her, ‘I feel like my head was smushed mom,’” she recalled. “And then she told me what happened.”

The hardest moment came when she saw herself in a mirror for the first time. Lulu said the doctors forgot to cover the mirrors in the bathroom and that she had to be taken back to her room, in total shock. Please pray for Lulu!