Washington D.C. Suffering From Epidemic Of Epic Proportions

Power. Something that people take advantage of for numerous reasons. What we are talking about today is sexual assault. According to countless US Congresswomen, sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment are commonplace in D.C. They even have unwritten rules they teach new women. They say to never hang out with a lawmaker who sleeps in his office, avoid men in the elevator, late night meetings, and anywhere that alcohol is out. And make sure you think twice before speaking out because it could cost you your career.

In addition to this the women have an unwritten list of members of congress most notorious for inappropriate behavior. They call it the creep list. This is an open secret that must not be a secret any longer. One female congresswoman told CNN that she has experienced sexual harassment from her male colleagues on multiple occasions over the years, but she declined to speak on the record or detail those interactions.
“Half are harassers,” she said of her male counterparts in Congress, before quickly adding that that was an over-estimate — only “some are harassers,” she said.

“There’s a little bit of a sex trade on Capitol Hill. If a part of getting ahead on Capitol Hill is playing ball with whatever douchebag — then whatever,” said one female political veteran who worked on Capitol Hill. This is a varying point that some women would not like to stand by. According to CNN, “I need these guys’ votes,” she said. “In this body, you may be an enemy one day and a close ally the next when accomplishing something. … So women will be very cautious about saying anything negative about any of their colleagues.” Would you speak out?