Vietnam Vet Needs Your Prayers And Help After Being Denied Treatment For Horrific Disease

Jerry Chiano is being denied coverage for his bile duct cancer. Apparently the cancer stems from a parasite known as the liver fluke that is found in Southeast Asia. This means that he most likely got the parasite when he was serving in Vietnam.

“So there’s a lot of evidence that bile duct cancer, a very rare disease here in America but a disease that’s more frequent in Southeast Asia, was very much related to Jerry’s service risking his life for us in Vietnam. But the V.A. has denied Jerry’s benefit claims,” says Sen. Charles Schumer.“In 2015, Jerry’s not alone, 60 benefit claims for bile duct cancer were submitted to the V.A. Americans all over the country and almost all of them were rejected,” says Sen. Charles Schumer. This is according to fios news.

The VA has an issue, they do not respect their veterans. They do not have enough funding. And they are understaffed. “It’s a very entrenched bureaucracy that has been impervious to change over the past few years, that is very invested in the current system,” Caldwell said, adding that any new rules designed to change the setup would likely be challenged in court by individual employees and organized labor.

Laws need to change in order for us to help veterans. Will you be at the forefront of this change?

“Jesus, you said, ‘There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ Today we pray for those men and women who have, in their military service, sacrificed their time, strength, ambition, health and even their lives on this earth to benefit ‘friends,’ known and unknown.
Many of our warriors carry scars in their hearts as well as on their bodies. Dark memories haunt their dreams at night. Fears cloud their waking hours. Jesus, you came to give us abundant life by providing a way for us to release our pain to you. On the cross you bore our sorrows and brokenness and when we trust you, we can exchange our wounds for your joy in a future unhindered by fate. Bring this gift now to the veterans of our nation who bear tangible and intangible wounds. Heal them, Jesus.