Scientist Who Died And Went To Heaven Brought Back Proof Of Its Existence

Like so many other people Dr. Mary Neal was raised a good Christian girl. While growing up she went to church every sunday, believed in Jesus and the moral teachings he brought forth, and loved her spirituality. But, as she got older her doubt became more than her faith. When she went off to college she joined the church of intellect instead of christianity.

She was basing everything she believed in on scientific fact. She did still refer to herself as christian, but mostly for the moral teachings. In 1999, Mary took a trip to Chile. But while kayaking, Mary found herself trapped underwater, drowning.

“We were kayaking on a section of river well known for its waterfalls,” the former nominal Christian scientist begins her story. “As I crested the waterfall, I knew that things were not going to go well for me.”
Mary’s kayak went over the edge of the waterfall as it capsized. She was stuck in the front of her kayak with 8-10 feet of raging water above her. During this time, Mary experienced what she describes as a “radical shift in time and dimension.” Despite a lifetime fear of drowning, Mary found herself surprisingly at peace.
“I was being held and comforted and being reassured that everything was fine, regardless of whether I lived or died,” she recalled, also noting that she knew it was Jesus who was comforting her. “I was taken through a life review that was the first of many very profound parts of this experience for me.”

Mary goes into detail regarding her visit to Heaven in her book titled Seven Lessons from Heaven: How Dying Taught Me to Live a Joy-Filled Life. After her experience, she came back to earth with a calling — to help other people develop trust in all of God’s promises. Though the scientist in her used to discount her God’s existence, she now knows He’s exactly who He says He is!
“The reality of God is [now] part of every breath I take,” Mary said. “And God’s presence is part of every thought that I have.”
Do you believe in heaven?