North Korea Is Attacking And We Can’t Stop Them….

Our nation’s leaders have said over and over again that they believe North Korea to be an imminent threat. Our Secretary of Defense agrees that action must happen within Trump’s presidency. And now the communist nation is condemning our President for his actions.

According to the washington post North Korea’s leader was referring to the Paris agreement. “This is the height of egotism and moral vacuum seeking only their own well-being at the cost of the entire planet,” the statement said.
The Paris agreement was reached in 2015 and was a signature diplomatic achievement for Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama. More than 190 nations came together in the French capital to agree to voluntary pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Only two nations didn’t sign the agreement: Nicaragua, who argued that the agreement didn’t go far enough, and Syria, which was in the midst of a devastating civil war.
Right now it seems that tensions are rising between North Korea and many nations, but nothing more than the US. The North Korean regime hates the United States. Everyday, North Koreans are told that the Americans are ‘imperialists,’ ‘aggressors,’ and ‘hostile.’ North Korean children are taught that ‘cunning American wolves’ want to kill them. To understand why, we need to go back to the Korean War. (Anna Fifield,Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)
According to the national council of churches, Help and heal the wounded,
receive the dying into your embrace,
and comfort those who mourn.
Strengthen rescue and relief workers
who protect and provide for others
in the midst of crisis and chaos.
Give leaders the wisdom and determination
to understand the causes of hatred
and prevent it from gaining force.
Put an end to all violence and war,
and restrain the impulse
to use injustice to seek justice.
Will you pray?