The Lynn Family Is In Need Of Our Prayers After Health Scare

While country legend Loretta Lynn is in the hospital recovering from a stroke, her granddaughter, singer and songwriter Tayla Lynn bravely shared an amazing milestone, while simultaneously bringing awareness to a national epidemic today.

Kayla her social media accounts that she is celebrating four years of sobriety — for the second time. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through,” wrote the wife and mother, in the caption of a picture with her son, Tru. “After 8 years of sobriety, I relapsed for 6 months after taking Vicodin (pain killer) for a C-section with this angel.”

The former Stealing Angels singer says that she lost “everything” during this six-month period, but she has since “got back so much more than I ever had.”

“4 years ago yesterday I got sober again. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. After 8 years of sobriety I relapsed for 6 months after taking Vicodin (pain killer) for a c section with this angel. I hold him. I watch the sunrise and silently cry into his hair “I’m so glad I had you Tru. You changed my life just by being you”. He nestles into my sweater, like he’s done since he was born, and we watch the sunrise. ☀️ That relapse lasted for 6 months and I’m that 6 months I lost everything but when I stepped into my “wise woman” and faced the music 🎶 I got back so much more than I ever had. If you’re struggling with addiction…if you were like me and you are lost and ashamed….it’s ok. You’re ok right now. Tell someone you trust and let’s get you on the road to recovery. We are everywhere. I promise. We have you. I thought I was unlovable and I would never get my baby or husband back. I got so much more y’all so much more.

“An individual who has struggled with addiction in the past should make their doctors aware of their vulnerability, which alerts their doctor to minimize the use of addictive medications,” Indra Cidambi, MD, an addiction medicine expert said. “Doctors should also refer such patients to an addiction specialist soon after the acute phase of the use of addictive medication is over so that such individuals can be evaluated and weaned off of such medications safely.”

Please, pray for Loretta as she continues to recover.