SHARE To Catch This Awful Man Suspected Of Killing And Horrifically Torturing Boys

A massive manhunt is currently underway in Pedro, Ohio after a police chase thursday morning ended in Aaron Lawson (23) crashing his car in a ditch and running into the woods. According to Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless, Lawson is considered extremely dangerous and may have a knife, but the gun used in the killings remains at the crime scene.

The police responded to a home Wednesday night and found 3 bodies of the parents and another adult throughout the house. All three had apparently been shot. A fourth victim was also found, but they survived. The fourth had stab wounds to both the head and neck but was flown for treatment. No further information has been provided about their health from the Cabell Huntington Hospital. But the horrible thing about this was what happened to the 8-year-old boy who was living in the home.

Apparently Aaron Lawson tortured him, and then hid his body where the police had to search for it. Lawless said investigators may have been “delayed” in finding the boy’s body because the crime scene was spread out throughout the home.
“The entire residence is a crime scene. There’s things that happened in every room of that residence, so they were taking each room one room at a time and working their way through, doing a methodical search of the rooms,” Lawless said. “That may have delayed them finding him once they got in there and started searching that room completely.”

According to Lawless the man is related to all of those in the house and had been at the house to visit and socialize. The massive manhunt involves multiple agencies, and will continue until they find this sick man. UPDATE: The victim who was stabbed is in good condition and is expected to be OK, Lawless said, according to WCHS. Will you pray for justice?