Man Shot At Jason Aldean Concert Meets The Country Star, He Needs Your Prayers

One family is asking for prayers, after being involved in the horrific event of the Las Vegas Shooting, in which 59 people died and nearly 600 were injured. Read their story below.

“Just wanted to inform everyone that while having a great celebration of friends and family in Las Vegas at the Route 91 festival, Michael was shot and has sustained a life changing condition.  He was at the festival with his mom, sister,  girlfriend, brother in law,  and 2 good friends. It was sunday and Jason Alden had just got on stage. Few minutes later we heard what we thought was fireworks. Then the loud multiple shots were heard, Mike and family got down to the ground trying to duck the bullets. He covered his girlfriend,  when the shooting paused, we all tried to make a run for it, but Mike said he was shot and could not feel his legs. His girlfriend was screaming for help and never left his site, while putting pressure on his bullet opening to the left lung. Mikes brother in law ran for help,  but was unable to return to the site per police. This left Mike and his girlfriend alone. She flagged down a few people who carried him to one of the booths.  Mike was going in and out of consciences while his girlfriend thought quick and folded up a table and got Mike to hold on. She flagged down more people who helped her carry him to the street and put him in the trunk of a random truck. They rushed him to Sunrise hospital and immediately put in a chest tube to his lung, because it was full of blood. He was taken to emergent surgery and had part of his lung removed.  The bullet left fragments in his spine, and he has no feeling from the belly button down. Doctors said he might never walk again, but Mike is strong and is determined to walk again.  We are trying to raise money for his rehabilitation and get him well. He has a long road ahead of him, and lots of expenses.  We want to get him the best help ever. Please find it in your heart to help Mike in a long road to recovery. Your prayers and any contribution can help.”

Jason Aldean visited him recently!”

Please pray for Mike and donate here!