Today We Celebrate One Of The Greatest Ever As She Begins Cancer Treatment…Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest celebrities in the world. Olivia Newton John Turns 69 today and everyone is celebrating. They are trying to focus on the celebration more so than the cancer. Olivia has made it clear that she is happy no matter what; she has her family, her friends, and her life at the moment.

And for her, that includes medical marijuana, which she credits for helping her get back on her feet during bouts of crippling pain.
“People have this vision from the ’60s of people just sitting around, you know, getting stoned, and I think it’s not about that. This plant is a healing plant. I think we need to change the vision of what it is because it helped me greatly and it helps with pain and inflamation.”

I think it is great that Olivia is using Medical Marijuana for her pain; it goes to show just how useful the stuff can be. I’m not going to be one of those statistics, I’m going to be fine,” the 68-year old told the Today show. She says that she will probably deal with cancer the rest of her life but thinks “you can live with cancer the way you live with other things if you take care of yourself.”

Olivia is a Multiple Grammy Award-winning actress and singer who gained fame in Grease and released the double platinum album Physical. She has sold over 100 million records and has released over 10 Top Ten Billboard Hot 100 singles. Its amazing just how many people reached out to Olivia for her birthday. She is truly loved and believes it is this love that will continue on as her strength in life. I agree with her. I know that Olivia has many more years here on earth. Will you wish her a happy birthday?