Sink Or Swim: Country Legend’s Career In Jeopardy As Fans Turn Their Back On Her

Shania Twain’s story is one of complete upward mobility and amazing self branding. It all began with her decision to be called Shania. It was explained as a native american term (her father was native) that translated to “on my way.” Well it came to be known that it didn’t, but the name stuck and so did the story. But it was Shania’s womanly draw that created her persona and gave her stardom.

Her hits, “Any Man of Mine,” and “Man! I feel like a Woman” sky rocketed her into stardom. During this time Reba was reigning supreme, but Shania was on her coattails. But despite her early success Shania has not produced an album in over 15 years, and her time in the recording studio has essentially diminished to zero. According to the guardian,

“Twain’s last top 10 hit on country radio was a full 13 years ago, when Party for Two, a duet with a then unknown Billy Currington, peaked at No 7. The last of her No 1 hits, Honey, I’m Home, came all the way back in 1998. Even at the time of Twain’s biggest radio hits, it was rare for a woman over the age of 40 to land singles in the top 10 with any consistency.”

Now Twain is 52 and she has released the first single from her new album. The single peaked at Number 33 and quickly fell off the charts in record time. Her fan base is small, but dedicated. They love her, but sales are only expected to be robust in the beginning and then go away. Shania is an artist with no country, no popularity, but a dedicated fan base. She is country music, but her “new” sound does not influence any of the other artists in her genre. She is left alone, but left to do what she wants. Will you buy her new album?