Princess Diana Back From The Dead Proves How She Changed The World

The death of princess Diana is one of the most influential tragedies to ever happen in the modern age. It was because of her death that the public began to distrust the media, and actually blame the media for her passing. It was the paparazzi that hounded her during her entire public life, and made her life a living hell. It was 20 years ago that everything came crashing down.

But it was Di’s life and death that created a new culture in our world. The intense mourning of her passing and the shunning of modern tabloids forced the media to evolve. It forced the media to look within itself and understand what they had done. How they had literally consumed someone’s life. According to jezebel, It’s weird how her story reaches this dramatic climax in a very narrative way,” Faircloth says. “I thought that she had always been as famous as she was in 1997. But all of these iconic moments in her life happened in that eight-month period [leading up to her death]… The fact that she died at the height of her fame is so rare.”

A very interesting point by Megan Reynolds was upvoted 33 times on the site.”The existence of Harvey Levine and his rise, disprove any idea that the gossip industry has gotten nicer.
The media was chastened for about a year after she died and kept hands off Harry and William but, that was about all they did. The minute the embargo was lifted on those two, they started hacking phones and paying off teenage schoolmates of them.

And there’s worse where that came from.” I would agree with her. Niceness never became a mainstream idea. Rude and ridiculous still reigns supreme on the media world. Do you think Princess Di’s death changed the media industry for the better, or worse?