Two Children Thrown From Their Car After Terrifying Crash Should Not Have Lived, But These Firefighters…

Car accidents occur in our nation almost every single day, but not all of them involve children. The story I am about to tell ends in happiness, but began in total despair. When a firefighter responds to an accident they don’t know the full extent of what happened, but when they arrive they are either meant with calmness or helter skelter.

The latter is what Sam Berry and JAred Davis were met with. Two children were tossed out of their jeep when the driver swerved to avoid an oncoming car and hit a pole. The two young children somehow remained aware during the entire situation. Overcome, the two huddled on the side of the road at the scene of the accident.
That’s when the firefighters dropped everything to provide emotional support. Can you imagine how scary this type of experience was for the two little ones?

Firefighters Sam and Jared saw an immediate need to provide comfort for the two children. While they did what they say any other firefighter would have done, we still think it was pretty amazing. Because they went the extra mile to do their job, they provided much needed comfort to the two children after the huge car accident.
“I’m a firm believer that compassion is a form of medicine”, Jared told NewsChannel10.

The facebook page posted the picture with this caption, “It’s not always just medical treatment we provide. Here is a photo of firefighters Sam Berry and Jared Davis providing emotional support to two (uninjured) young children that were involved in a vehicle accident recently. Photo provided by Lt. Todd Peden.”

“Every guy on the job has probably done this, we just happened to get photographed”, Jared says. Firefighters do God’s work, and this is a prime example of just that. These men are saviours and deserve to remembered for their good deeds.