The Full Wrath Of God Is Coming Down On Thug Who Killed Our Loved Pastor

It occurred in Arkansas when a local pastor was driving his car, minding his own business. Arkansas State Police said Joe Brinkley was intoxicated behind the wheel as he was heading southbound on Highway 49 in Craighead County back in August. His car reportedly crossed the center lane, hitting a Hyundai on the driver’s side.
After the crash, Brinkley reportedly jumped from the wreckage and ran into a nearby furniture store.

The driver of the other car was the local pastor, Thomas Hood. He died on impact and his wife was seriously injured. The woman is still in critical condition, but the evil man somehow is out of jail. His court case is set for next week, and the prosecution has been quoted saying that the full wrath of the law will come down on this man. He deserves to rot in jail for what he did. Pastor Hood served at Clark’s Chapel Baptist Church in Paragould.

As for Brinkley, he was released from jail on Wednesday after posting bond.
“A glorious revival was held after which the visiting preachers and several members
of Mountain Grove Baptist Church met and decided to organize a church at the
brush arbor. A Presbytery consisting of the aforementioned preachers and five deacons met with those holding letters. After examination of the letters presented, the eleven members constituted into and declared to be a regular Missionary Baptist Church, according to the Church Covenant and the Articles of Faith found in the Church Members Manual. Rev. D. Lafayette Miller was called as the first Pastor for one year.” This is according to their site.

The wife needs our prayers now and we must pray that the man who did this gets what he deserves while also being forgiven for his crimes. He made a mistake and deserves to be forgiven by God, if not anybody else. Do you agree?