[Watch] Christian Grandmother Gets Beautiful Gift From God, Her Reaction Is Priceless

4 Wonderful officers of the Clearwater Police Department showed up at Betty’s door the other day. She is a 94-year-old grandma who survived the hurricanes. The police officer brought her a load of supplies that she was unable to get her self. And while Betty was tickled by the visit, her precious reaction made these heroes the big winners of the day!
“I love you, I love you, I love you,” Betty gushed, giving each officer a kiss. “God bless you, oh God bless you!”
“You’re all so handsome,” she raved.
The surprise visit was such a blessing to Betty. But it also meant so much to her loved ones who couldn’t get there to help.
“I really can’t say how amazing they were,” Betty’s granddaughter, Rachel, says. “She’s still talking about how good-looking they are. They’re seriously all of our heroes.”

A picture of her and an officer was posted with this caption, “Officer Frederick stopped by to check in on everyone’s favorite grandmother this morning. Betty Helmuth is the one we brought supplies to before Irma hit. As you can see, she is doing quite well.” Thousands of people commented wonderful things on the page.

Rita Childress Delarosa I live in Indianapolis + I’ve known Betty + her family all my life. She + her husband were good friends with my parents. We all went to the same church. She’s a sweet lady + a character who has never acted her age. We used to talk on the phone + I took my parents down to see her + her husband on occasion. Lost touch with her ’til recently. Thanks to those sweet men. I know you made her day!

Amy Fuller That is the sweetest thing ever! I love it! And any of the single guys are more than welcome to inbox me! 😜 Seriously, though, I’m praying for your safety every single shift and praying for your loved ones. May God bring you safely home every day! 💙🙏💙

Dont you just love the police?

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