Paralyzed While On Vacation, This Veteran Looks To God To Defy All Odds And Finally….

Mike went back into the water to surf. His fiance, Jordan, was packing her things up when she heard screams and turned around. Bystanders were pulling Mike out of the water. “It was absolutely terrible. You can tell that he was completely lifeless,” Jordan recalled. “It was literally a dead body on the beach. I was flailing all over him and they literally picked me up and threw me off of him.”While out in the water, a wave flipped Mike, slamming his head into the ocean’s floor. The impact fractured his C1 vertebrae — one of the worst spinal cord injuries someone can have.

“I immediately knew I was paralyzed,” he said. “I remember trying to swim out of the ocean and I couldn’t move — I couldn’t swim, I couldn’t do anything.”
When being examined doctors said that Mike’s injuries were the worst that he could have. “Please just keep him in your prayers. He’s so strong, just needs some of our help right now,” Jordan wrote on social media.

After six weeks he was able to speak, two weeks he could drink water, and two months later he wiggled a thumb. Doctors still said that would be it. “How is this happening?!” Jordan wrote on Facebook regarding the video of she and Mike thumb wrestling. “Everyone’s prayers and miracles are happening. Being told everyday from the beginning that having the worst spinal cord injury he would never move past his injury… his chin. And here we are party rockin with the right thumb and now index finger!!!!!”

Mike is fighting, “We can’t sleep next to each other and cuddle,” he says. “But when I get these movements back, all of the sudden I’m like, ‘Wow, I really might be able to put my arm around my fiancée,’ or ‘I might be able to stand next to her at my wedding.’ That’s what keep’s us going. The movement and progression.” Will you pray for Mike?