Tim Tebow And Beloved Politician Team Up To Bring Christ Back To Their State

Tim Tebow and Marco Rubio are both Floridians. What they also share is their love for Jesus Christ. The two of them are devout to their faith and continually help those in need. Tim and Marco teamed up recently to help distribute food to the victims of Hurricane Irma. The Duo, some say, are a power couple.

Tebow, a Jacksonville native, visited the state Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee on Sept. 12 with Gov. Rick Scott.
“I’m just here to thank everybody and [tell them I] appreciate all their work and what they’ve been doing and just let them know how everybody is so grateful,” Tebow said during his Tallahassee visit.

Both Tebow and Rubio spoke to the crowds about keeping faith, staying strong, and making sure you are constantly helping out your neighbor. These things are key in making sure Florida is able to rebuild after the devastation of Irma. Tim took to twitter to thank Marco Rubio. “So grateful for opportunity to serve the resilient citizens of the Florida Keys alongside @marcorubio #Irma #IrmaRecovery#floridastrong”

First responders and many others thanked the two and got some pictures taken, “First responders w/@marcorubio & @TimTebow as they serve free lunch during #KeysRecovery #FloridaKeys @[email protected] @mcsonews”
And now as Florida and Houston recover we must pray, #FLORIDA – #IRMA Please Pray for Florida – Hurricane Irma strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane on Monday as it churned toward the Caribbean amid storm warnings, watches and states of emergency in Florida and Puerto Rico.
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The hurricane, with its 140-mph winds, could become even more powerful in the next two days, just as it’s forecast to reach the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, the National Hurricane Center said Monday.
Start Preparing, this is the time. Move out of Florida. Come towards the North. Please Move Now.
Will you ?