How One University Revolutionized Bible Study And Convinced Our Youth That God Is The Answer

The age of millennials is now, and they have not been keen on religion as their main practice, but one Alumna from Biola University is changing that. Felicity Lorenz graduated knowing that ministry was her dream and path. She knew that her peers were not reading the bible because they were too busy with their schooling, work, and lives. She was concerned that her generation would fall out of any religion due to this.

Her concern is what drove her to revolutionize bible study at her school, and to cause a huge spread of peace and tolerance throughout universities. Lorenz created a group called Deep Roots Bible Studies as a way to engage with her peers, make them feel comfortable and welcome, and also read the bible with purpose. Her booklets are designed for both men and women, while also having a minimalistic approach. This makes the bible readings very accessible for just about everyone.

She said, “They also are designed more for millennial aesthetic because a lot of Bible studies are more for the older generation, so they’ve got like flowers and are very old fashioned rustic chic, and ours is more life minimalist.” Each of her devotionals are at a length of 15-20minutes each day, a small chunk of time that all of her peers seem to be okay with. In addition to convincing so many of her peers to read the bible she focused a lot on women empowerment.

“I just felt so concerned how every time I would hear Proverbs 31 taught at church or in books or anything, it was always just very like homemaking kind of perspective, and you know, the good Christian girl is meek and mild,” Lorenz said. “I really want women to feel more empowered, that they have options.” Do you believe in the power of the bible?