Fast Food Company Gets Message From God After Opening Its Doors On Sunday

Chick-fil-a is known to be closed on Sunday because they are believers in a day off. But, one branch decided to open their doors for a good reason. White Oak Community Church was booted from their regular meeting space. They were left without anywhere to pray.

The group had been using the ballroom at an Econo Lodge hotel to meet. However, when they showed up on Sunday, signs on the hotel’s door made it clear they wouldn’t be meeting.
“Upon arriving to our current worship location we found that the building has condemned signs on the door,” the church said. “The only legal use of any of the spaces are for the Econo Lodge to conduct business. We obviously do not have church this morning.”
The displaced church, however, kept a positive attitude, trusting in God to provide.
“Know that this is only a minor setback,” read a post on the church’s Facebook page. “Often God sandblasted us out of places in order for us to see the next great thing that he has for His church. A little frustrated this morning, but excited for what God has for our future!”

And that is when Chick-fil-a decided to open its doors to the church. The chain gladly helped out, and Chick-fil-A opened on Sunday for the displaced church!
“No they are not serving food… You cannot order chicken biscuits at Chick-fil-A next Sunday,”Lead Pastor Dave Wilde joked in a video posted to Facebook. Isn’t this amazing?

A quote from chick-fil-a, Play an active role in your church. Chick-fil-A’s owners are devout Christians and expect all of their operators to share Christian values. Operators do not need to be Christian, but must be willing to close the restaurant on Sundays, espouse Christian values and be willing to participate in group prayers during training and management meetings.