Breaking: California Is Suing Our President After His Newest Plan

Donald Trump has been hit with multiple lawsuits sits taking office. There has been scandal after scandal, and yet he still stands strong as our president. The newest lawsuit is from the great state of California and has to do with the wall. The southern boundary of california has 47 miles of wall that travels to the outskirts of San Diego.

Trump now plans to expand the border and leaders of the nation are pissed. This lawsuit just adds to another one of California’s pushbacks against our president. “The president is committed to keeping America safe, and a significant part of doing that is securing the border,” Devin O’Malley, a spokesman for the Justice Department, said in an emailed statement. “The Department of Justice looks forward to vigorously defending his inherent authority to do so.” This is according to bloomberg.

Trump decided to sign onto the wall framework when he signed an executive order back in January. Nothing really came of that order, but an amended version authorized the department of Homeland Security to install additional barriers to make sure that no “bad hombres” get across the border. The legal suit is asking the court to prohibit the president from “engaging in any and all planning, design and construction activities related to installing barriers.” In my opinion I think that this lawsuit is simply just a way for the other side of the aisle to delay the inevitable. The wall will be expanded and the wall will be a benefit to our country.

The introduction of the suit reads, “The People bring this action to protect the State of California’s residents, natural resources, economic interests, procedural rights, and sovereignty from violations of the United States Constitution, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Administrative Procedure Act occurring as a result of the actions of the United States of America, and the department of homeland Security. What do you think?